Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will my child need on their first day?

- a blanket

- a change of clothes

- diapers, milk, baby food if applicable

- medication with an authorization form (if applicable)

- complete physical form on file


2. Will my child be going on field trips? And What if I can not pay? Yes, Parents are responsible in sharing the cost of field trips. The fee will help in covering the cost of admission and transportation. The Center has scheduled and unscheduled field trips to the zoo, Art Gallery , Strong Museum , farms and RPO concerts. Each trip is to enhance the educational experiences for your child. On occasions parents may be requested to provide car seats and are welcome to attend. If parents are not able to pay there may be scholarship funds available to off-set the cost. In this situation must speak with the Executive Director and a decision will be made on a case by case basis.


3. Do you ever close? Yes, the Center is closed all major holidays and when emergency situations arise beyond our control. Such as inclement weather, no heat or flooding. In such rare cases your child can be taken to our sister Center – Community Child Care Center , 170 Troup Street.


4. What will my child be learning? The Center has an age-appropriate sequence curriculum that is designed to meet specific goals and objectives from infancy to school-age for each child. The foundation of our teaching methods guided by "Creative Curriculum" which is aligned with New York State Teaching Standards. Components of the program focus on mastery of social–emotional skills, cognitive development, and physical growth. The overall goal is school readiness and having fun in a loving, enriched environment...


5. Do you serve breakfast or lunch? Yes, the Center provides nutritious meals daily for each child. Your child will receive breakfast, lunch and a snack depending upon the hours they are in care. Our food is catered and meets the USDA food guidelines. Children are not allowed to bring in food from home.


6. What time can I drop my child off? And is there a set pick up time? Time for drop-off and pick-up can be discussed with the Executive Director and is determined on a case by case basis. Children must be in the Center no later than 9:30am to allow a suitable amount of time for breakfast and scheduled activities. Children must be picked-up by 5:30pm. If for any reason you will be late you must call the Center. NYS Office of Children and Family Services consider children abandoned if parents or an authorized person does not call within 30 minutes of the center closing.


7. Can anyone pick up my child if I call?No, the only person allowed to pick up your child is who you have listed as an authorized person for pick-up on the initial application. And that person must have photo identification. Parents must have [2] people listed authorized for pick-up and [2] people listed for emergency contact during daytime hours.


8. How can I pay?And when is it due?- Fees are due one week in advance and are payable on Fridays by check, money order or cash, preferably money order. Returned checks are charged a $15.00 insufficient fund fee. The second offense is cause for indefinite suspension of personal check writing privileges. You will receive an invoice at the first of each month for the month's services and payment must be received within 20 days. Any late payments will result in a $5.00 weekly late payment fee. At year-end parents will receive a tax statement by January 30 th .


9. Are you affiliated with the church?No, we just lease the space. Our license and programs are overseen by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and New York State Office Of Children and Family Services.


10. How can I enroll my child?Before a child can participate in the Center, the parent must complete an application, submit appropriate medical forms and immunization records, fill out a USDA Meal for, and confirm the method of payment. Upon receipt of these items the Executive Director will meet with each parent to tour the Center, meet the staff and answer any questions or concerns.


11. How many kids will be in my child's classroom?Teacher/child ratios are determined by NYS Office of Children and Family Services. Ratios can vary in a mix group depending upon the youngest age of the child in the group.

6wks – 18 months1:4
18 – 36 months1:5
3 years1:7
4 years1:8
5 years1:9
6-9 years1:10
10-12 years1:15


12 . What if my child needs medication? Will you give it to him? Yes, however in order to do so you must have the proper administering medication release form completed by the physician and yourself on file. Additionally, a complete physical on file which list current immunizations. In addition, you must meet with the Health Advocate or Nurse to discuss any other additional documentation needed. All these measure are to ensure that proper procedures are being followed and for the best interest of the child.


13. Do you offer scholarships or pro-rate the fees? Yes, for homeless families and sometimes for summer camp or extended day for our pre-kindergarten program.


14. What if my child gets sick? We evaluate each child daily for illness. Upon showing any symptoms of illness parents will be immediately notified at the daytime phone number given. On occasion when a parent can not be reached the Center will make every effort to contact the alternative person on file. If the child's care is beyond what the Center is able to provide or the child requires medical care we will request parents to pick up the child. We will take every measure to comfort your child. Until you arrive.


15. Will my child have the same teacher? Children that arrive early will be with the morning teacher until their teacher arrives. Scheduling of staff is taken into consideration so as to allow continuity of care for your child. Children remain with there teacher and classmates through out the day. Each child remains with their age level until 2-3 months after their next birthday. On occasions children may master skills before other children and at that time the teacher, Executive Director and parent will meet to discuss the educational plan.

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